No doubt you’ve heard tell of the nurse and the sailor
Love would uphold them through
Triumph and failure
In San Francisco their stories unfold
Fifty years later they’re going for gold!

Jim couldn’t ever have guessed if you’d asked him
The treasure awaiting him at Hyde and Jackson
That’s where this sailor boy met his true love
Something told Heather they’d fit hand in glove

Dates at the New Rex and drinks at the Plaza
Here’s where she introduced Jim to her father
Life for these sweethearts was never so good
Even the rats couldn’t dampen their mood!

Nor the weather
Jim and Heather
Planned their wedding day
In Coronado; Jim’s orders would follow
And soon he would sail away

Heather enlisted for job of young mother
Out came five children, one after the other
Trips to Vancouver taught bladder control
Twenty-two hours was Dad’s lifetime goal

Donuts at Winchell’s and
Hot dogs at Woolworth’s
Scavenger hunts where you opened a can first
Peat Moss the puppy who smelled like his name
Scrabble with Mother who won every game!

Mexico beckoned with maquilladoras
Mom held the fort and did everything for us
Dad took us camping, through nature we’d roam
Since there’s no room service Mother stayed home!

Jim and Heather
Wondered whether
They would make it through
Without some adjustments
In lifestyle and trust in
A future begun anew

Since the young nurse chose
The young Mr.Temple
Over the years they have set an example
Of true commitment to love
Come what may
Making a marriage grow stronger each day!

For together
Jim and Heather make a winning pair
They help friends and neighbors
Lend tools, dole out favors--
They spread goodwill everywhere!