• Joe and Laura met at work, at a company called Signature, where they
fell in love, in secret.

• On their first date, Joe asked Laura if she wanted to have kids.

• They both love bicycle road racing. But that wasn't the case when they
first started dating. Joe was the racer and Laura just liked to stay
home and read. But she go the bug and for their wedding gift, all
their friends chipped in to buy them a tandem racer.

• Laura's main, lovable feature: she has a very loud laugh.

• They are taking their honeymoon in Africa.

We wrote this:

When I think of Laura and Joe, I think of poetry in motion. They’re never home!
Poetry inspires the poet in me and what poem better describes true love than The Owl and the Pusssycat by Edward Lear? If I may…

The owl and the pussycat hit the road for a weekend away at great speed
They packed running shoes and spare inner tubes and something for Pussy to read

The Owl looked up at the stars above and sang to the radio
O lovely Pussy, I’m falling in love, but our colleagues at work, do they know?
Does it show? If you don’t want kids, I should know!

Puss said to the owl “You passionate fowl!”
Her laugh could be heard out of state,
“To think such things mattered to you, I am flattered!
But kids? On our very first date?!”

So after the race they discussed wedding dates as their Signature love affair bloomed
And hand in hand, they finalized plans for an African honeymoon.
This bride and groom, they danced by the light of the moon.

And now we must toast our hostess and host as they vow to be loyal and true,
And grow old together, whatever the weather, on their bicycle built for two!