Can you do a get-well song I can sing to my sister? They can’t have kids, and she has to have a hysterectomy. She is an Episcopal priest, by the name of Kate Tomlinson.



Get Well Soon

(Sung to the tune of Mrs. Robinson)

Please get well soon, Reverend Tomlinson
Your flock is gonna walk if you don’t show.
Whoa ho ho
Get out of bed, Reverend Tomlinson
Jesus needs you doin’ what you do
Woo hoo hoo
We do too
They’ve rearranged your bits and bobs and adding to your trials
They’ve poked around inside and helped themselves
It’s just a bit of uterus, the Tomlinsons won’t care
After all, it’s not as though they wanted kids…
The hell they say, Reverend Tomlinson
Jesus wants you with a family
So do we
Expand the brood, Reverend Tomlinson
Optin’ to adopt’s the way to go
Whoa ho ho
Whoa ho ho
I hear a hysterectomy is no big deal at all
(But he’s not the one they’re cutting up, Kate)
While we doubt you’re wild about it, when it’s said and done
You might in fact look back on it as fun!
Well maybe not, Reverend Tomlinson
Still you will forget it by and by
If you try
So, back to work, Reverend Tomlinson
Jesus needs you putting butts in pews
If they choose
Not to snooze
Although you may be feeling a bit shaky for a while
’Neath it all you’re still the same old Kate
After all it isn’t such an awful way to live
It damn sure beats out the alternative
Which is the late Joe DiMaggio
Stretching out a welc’ming hand to you
Woo hoo hoo
So cut him dead, Reverend Tomlinson
You never cared for baseball anyway.
Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey